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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The Aravalli mountain range has been our inspiration to cultivate this rendezvous with nature for our guests. We not just aim at conserving and respecting nature but are also working towards upliftment of the tribal culture of Banaskantha. The indigenous people have been shaping our values and efforts towards conservation of nature and the concept of Co-Existing.


What is the best season to visit the resort?

Araavali trails offers a beautiful experience of nature throughout the year however since nature blooms the best in monsoon, winter and spring, those are some of the best seasons to visit.

Is the resort pet friendly?

Yes, the resort is pet friendly. Bring along your little friends and help them relax and rejoice in the lap of nature with you.

Which is the nearest train station and airport to the resort?

Palanpur junction is the nearest railway station - 13 kms Ahmedabad has the nearest airport- 122 kms. You can easily get taxis/buses from both of these locations to reach the resort. For pickups from Palanpur, please connect with our resort to check feasibility.

What are some nearby tourist places that can be visited?

Some of the nearby tourist places are:
Palanpur city- 13 kms
Jessore sloth bear sanctuary- 30 kms
Ambaji Temple- 45 kms
Rani ki vav, Patan- 80 kms